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Gembala Pembohong 2.0 – Tentang Etika Menyebarkan Berita

Kalian tahu dongeng gembala pembohong yang terkenal dari Aesop Fables ? Di suatu desa ada seorang anak gembala yang nakal dan usil. Suatu hari, dia punya ide jahat untuk membohongi warga desa. Dia berteriak keras, “Ada serigala! Ada serigala! Tolong… tolong…tolong!” “Serigala mau makan kambing-kambing kita.” Dia berharap warga desa mendengar teriakannya dan segera berlari […]

Review: London has Fallen

London has Fallen is a sequel for Olympus has Fallen, a movie that made $161 million from its $70 million budget. This movie’s plot isn’t anything special, but you can enjoy the simple action, badass actors (and yes, I mean Gerard Butler, because I’m still cheap), and special effects. I was enjoyed Olympus Has Fallen, but […]

Review: The Revenant

Hugh Glass story first published in 1823 by a Philadelphia lawyer as a literary piece in the newspaper. Glass is American frontiersman that had been badly mauled by bear and unconscious, then when he regained consciousness, he find himself abandoned, without weapons or equipment, suffering from a broken leg, the cuts on his back exposing […]

Review: Spotlight (contains spoiler)

From the creator of last years worst film: “The Cobbler” comes this years best: “Spotlight”. Spotlight is an incredible, powerful film. While other films dazzled you with special effects and incredible cinematography, Spotlight was simple, unadorned storytelling at its finest. No romantic subplot, no crazy characters, no over-dramatization. If it takes a village to raise […]

Review: Zootopia

I burst out laughing when I saw the first sloth trailer in theater couple weeks ago, that shit was dope as hell! I personally think the voices match their characters very well and makes me excited for this movie. What surprises me after watching the movie is how dark this film it was and how […]

Review: Gods of Egypt

First of all, I’m cheap, okay. It has ancient civilization/mythology background, gods fight gods with fancy suits, and Gerard Butler, so I’m sold. (WHAT?!) And I don’t care with all the controversy about there’s no black people in this movie, I don’t actually give a shit. I want to watch at least a great special […]