So I have this guy texted me, and he said that he was playing guitar. Then I started blabbering that I want to learn about guitar too and how expensive the guitar price and in my work place there is guitar but I’m too shy playing it at office because I can’t played it. And then he asked me:

Is it a passive-aggressive style of yours?

I was like.. “What?”

And then that just crossed my mind. Because the guitar talk.

But that was the problem, I really am thinking about buying guitar. I asked some friends about its price (some of you must be remembered) about how to learn guitar and etc. But then that also my problem, I love to talked and learn. I have this.. communication addict and not everybody can accept that.

I was with this guy once, he worked at marketing place then when I asked about things in his working area, he seems… I don’t know, distant? Or this guy which worked in IT area then I asked about linux, suddenly he disappeared. My master told me that all of them might thought that I tried to get closer to them, since no one really want to learn about everything.

That’s my problem.

I love learning, and I have tendencies to be Miss-Know-It-All because I can talk about everything then, and avoid too personal topics. I like to keep everything.. lightly. My master understood because just like me, he is a lifelong student. We believe that there was a world far from us we had to explore.

Not everybody believe in unicorn, true love and platonic friendship between men and women

This one also my problem. I am a very socially outgoing person, I have looooot of friends, including guy friends. That makes me have no boundaries to guys because I always thought of them to be friends. So I like the talking, the eating together,  the spending time together and so on not in romantically nor sexually terms.

You can’t be that naive, Chor

‘Til there was this guy, who thought that after we doing things together, he thought that I had mutual feelings for him. But I didn’t. And I’m surprised that they thought of me like that.

Well yes, maybe I’m that naive. My master laughed at me when I told about what he did, and said that because I made them feel special.

In my defense, all of human being deserve equal attention and all of them is special. But that’s it, one is special, just like everyone else. I was once got suspicious with a guy, and asked him if he wanted something from me, then he answered:

Kamu belom pernah dideketin cuma buat temenan ya?

I laughed hard, then here I am thinking that I was master of being friends with anyone. And when I thought of someone as friend, here he is, thinking that I’m being passive aggressive.