Review: MixRadio for Android

Music is important to me and I found magic of cloud streaming is save my life since it won’t take my precious limited storage space :p The problem is, all of these are apps I listened in desktop, while in my smartphone I always choose phone which have traditional FM Radio, it’s bad because you always get distracted by traditional radio ads.

MixRadio Bloggers Gathering

In the beginning of July, MixRadio had bloggers gathering and thanks to MixRadio invitation, for a past month I’ve been stuck with it, a beautiful old apps that previously were exclusive on Nokia (then Windows Phone), but then has finally made its way to Android and iOS. Things that I noticed first when I installed it, design looks really good on iOS and Android.

When you first time open the app, MixRadio gives a few options of genres you may like. I picked pop, dance, and electronic. From there, it gives you options of artists and groups you may like. Every time you click one, it makes way for three more names that make similar music. The entire thing becomes a gamified experience, and while I started out only trying to choose a few, I had almost three dozen artists with hearts over their photos by the time I’d finished.

MixRadio aims to give you personalized suggestions based on what you normally listen to. The more you listen, the more the service will learn from your listening habits, and be able to better suggest tracks from its impressive catalog of over 36 million songs.

You can create mixes from your favorite artists or listen to already curated by human (non-algorithm!) playlists. What I loved is, they have local language and very funny and punny. Not only the title, since we are in Indonesia, there are also lots of curated Indonesian song playlist (which I haven’t found in my Spotify yet).

Mix Radio RamadhanThis month they even launched “Mix Ramadan” that have Indonesian notable religious musician like Bimbo, GIGI, Nidji, Ungu, Opick, etc. MixRadio will also allow you to download up to four of your favorite mixes for offline listening.

There are a certain number of skips are allowed per mix. If you hit the maximum number , you can either continue listening to whatever it gives you, or simply hit the back button and try another “mix”, which resets the whole thing because MixRadio thought that mix already incompatible with you.

I did mention that the designs is very pretty, right? For me, the sleekness of the entire experience with MixRadio is another plus point. MixRadio is very easy to use, and they put high quality promotional photos and album art for every song on the system.

Oh, and did I mention it’s completely free?

So, if you’re the type who likes to constantly discover music and are looking for a free alternative to other services like Spotify or deezer, or a bit more passive in their music listening and discovery, MixRadio may be a great option for you.

Head to the links below to download MixRadio for free:

Download MixRadio on App Store Download MixRadio on Google Play Download MixRadio on Windows Phone


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