Sometimes, we just need fresh sensation

Last week was a week of tragedy for me, there are lots of sad news around me and it sucked my happiness and kind of dropped my mood. I was scrolled my timeline to find some escape routes when suddenly my eyes struck to this status:

Of course I choose to joined this. I was a big party animal back then in Jogja (in my defense, it’s only 3 huge clubs there, and I had some access to get in free, so yeah :p). Party-experience in Jakarta is really different if you compared it to jogja, there are plenty of clubs and spread around Jabodetabek. And almost every club bring their own kind of crowd.

Last Saturday was my first time hitting on Fabric, Kemang. Located at the most crowded hangout places in Kemang (between McD and KFC Kemang) Fabric has garden / lounge atmosphere, this is a new experience for me since outdoor party I ever joined was Summerland Dance festival in Genteng Kecil island last year, not a garden bar. And I just know that they are famous with their cheap beer, no wonder the price on their menu isn’t that bad compare to beer garden near my place. Ah, they also have this “flaming” section on their menu, I definitely have to try flaming bikini if I’m going there again.

fresh sensation 4 dikamarmandiinAnyway, back on fresh sensation party, I came a bit early last Saturday, – and greeted with levitation man in front of Fabric gate, (I wondered how strong his leg is) – but the crowd is already gathering.

fresh sensation 2 dikamarmandiinThis was taken from middle of the center stage, deck was on my right side and the dance floor is this open space. That semi-open space is for drinks and bartender, and there are indoor space also, but I didn’t checked it last Saturday.

fresh sensation 1 dikamarmandiinDAD Rhythm already on deck the time I arrived. DAD Rhythm is Duo DJ & LED Percussion that so energetic. I remember there was time when I was younger, stupid and naive I wanted to have standing percussion performance.

There are lots of other performances surrounded with green audio visual mapping that created cold ambience that night. Wasn’t took any photos of performance since I started to get high, I guess that time one of my friend scream “KAPAL MIRING, KAPTEN!” (“The ship is down, captain!” – Yes, we’re that stupid when get high)

fresh sensation 3 dikamarmandiinSo this isĀ  the main reason I want to join fresh sensation party, Angger Dimas performance. I was watched him once in “The Legacy of Mythical Runes” last year, and I’m impressed! No wonder he delivered some of the hardest hitting tracks and remixes over the last few years.

You see, the best part of open space floor is you can be this close to the performance. Here on deck, he was with Paper Planes, part of Angger Dimas Team.

Things when you came to open space party is, (as a girl) you have to choose carefully about your shoes. I won’t recommend a high heels. That night my heels breaks because the combinations of alcohol and ADHD dancing from me (LOL).

Second, Fabric located in packed location, so when the music stop or got slower and lower, you’ll hear another distracted sound from surrounded clubs. Some might not notice, but for me is a bit annoying.

Third, it’s glam until 3am, then everybody is drunk, and when everybody is drunk, some will sit or even sleep in the corner and the stage will look less crowd. If you’re this type of party people, I can say that Fabric doesn’t have a really nice couch, it won’t be that comfortable for you to lie down. (but, who came to a party to sit and sleep!)

Overall event was awesome, I’m having great time last Saturday. Great performance, great vibe. Definitely a great escape route!

PS: All of pictures were taken with Redmi 1s, better quality than my Redmi note (even in HDR mode)


Sudah mau tiga puluh tapi tetap lucu kinyis-kinyis. Kinyis-kinyisnya sudah mutlak, lucunya masih dalam tahap diusahakan.

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