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Review: The Revenant

Hugh Glass story first published in 1823 by a Philadelphia lawyer as a literary piece in the newspaper. Glass is American frontiersman that had been badly mauled by bear and unconscious, then when he regained consciousness, he find himself abandoned, without weapons or equipment, suffering from a broken leg, the cuts on his back exposing […]

Review: Spotlight (contains spoiler)

From the creator of last years worst film: “The Cobbler” comes this years best: “Spotlight”. Spotlight is an incredible, powerful film. While other films dazzled you with special effects and incredible cinematography, Spotlight was simple, unadorned storytelling at its finest. No romantic subplot, no crazy characters, no over-dramatization. If it takes a village to raise […]

Review: Zootopia

I burst out laughing when I saw the first sloth trailer in theater couple weeks ago, that shit was dope as hell! I personally think the voices match their characters very well and makes me excited for this movie. What surprises me after watching the movie is how dark this film it was and how […]

Review: Gods of Egypt

First of all, I’m cheap, okay. It has ancient civilization/mythology background, gods fight gods with fancy suits, and Gerard Butler, so I’m sold. (WHAT?!) And I don’t care with all the controversy about there’s no black people in this movie, I don’t actually give a shit. I want to watch at least a great special […]

Review: Collective Invention

Just because you’re different, doesn’t mean you’re useful. Sepanjang film Collective Invention, dalam kepala saya terus menerus berputar kalimat ini, sebuah statement pahit bahwa walau setiap orang merasa ingin berbeda dengan yang lain, mereka juga sering merasa tidak berguna. Collective Invention adalah sebuah film satir besutan Kwon Oh Kwang, dibintangi oleh Lee Kwang Soo sebagai […]

Review: The Intern

I’m a sucker for these types of movies. I have father complex and the story of old guy that lose their mojo then have to keep up with younger generation with all technologies pretty much hit me through my heart. I ended up enjoyed The Intern just like I imagine. Hathaway was wonderful and endearing […]

Review: #Webek, The Wedding & Bebek Betutu

Sekitar sepuluh tahun lalu, sebuah serial komedi modern “Extravaganza” tayang selama kurang lebih lima tahun dan menelurkan banyak nama baru yang kemudian memberi warna di dunia perfilman Indonesia. Lima tahun setelah episode terakhir Extravaganza, pasangan Tora Sudiro dan Mieke Amalia membuat proyek reuni Extravaganza di sini. Adalah Ronal Surapradja, Aming, Indra Birowo, Tike Priatnakusumah, Roni […]

Review: Everest

*Note: Review ini ditulis oleh seorang kutu buku, bukan pencinta pendakian. There is competition between us and the mountain, and the last word always belongs to the mountain. Nyaris semua pendaki ingin mencicipi puncak Everest, gunung tertinggi di Bumi. The most impossible one. Gunung yang baru bisa ditaklukkan dengan selamat pada tahun 1953, setelah ekspedisi […]