Yay, the 2014 is here and many of us are already talking about what we want to change in 2014. I’m listening to people talk about their new years resolutions, regretting gaining weight, or running out to the sales to purchase the attire they need for the parties. I’m not. Let everyone else battle those crowds, I won’t. I also won’t wait for January 1 to start on my 2014 goals. Why wait?

Setting goals is easy, it’s sticking to them that can be, and has proven to be, a more work. But anything worth having will always require work, but who says it needs to make you break a sweat? We all, including me, want to change the things that are not working, and we all want the dream we have in our minds of utopia. It’s easy to achieve, it really is, but there are steps in how to do that. But we also want more peace, more joy, and a stress free life. How amazing would it be to wake each morning with the sense of peace and joy rather than a to-do list?

I am not telling you to sit idle and accept all the things in your life that are not working, but forcing what I want, or how I want things to be is not going to make them so. So why pushed it in new year? I do not need a change of year to do so, and I set goals each day and stick to them. I set small ones and big ones. Short term goals and long term goals. I don’t make resolutions, I make affirmations. Like my goal for today was to relax and just read. So what?

Take today to set some goals. Start with things that are needed, get on it now, why wait until the new year?

Well, happy new year then, everybody. May you all have a wonderful, blessings and bliss for today and all the days to come.