Google’s Knowledge Graph Now Shows Social Profiles For Brands! (Indonesian Brands Examples)

Garuda Indonesia dikamarmandiin

In November, Google Knowledge Graph can show some social-media account but limited to famous personalities, but now (well, actually, it’s yesterday, it just announced at 16 January) they can show social-links from the brand!

This applied to these social links:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • G+
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Myspace

And this is also applied to local brands, for example, I googled “Garuda Indonesia” and “Telkomsel”

Telkomsel dikamarmandiinBut it’s not like every brand can show this social link. So how brands can have this Google Knowledge Graph? Developers Google told us to:

Use markup on your official website to add your social profile information to the Google Knowledge panel in some searches.

In a nutshell, the code on your website needs to explicitly say what your social accounts are. You can explicitly “declare” as many social profiles as you wish, including profiles on networks that won’t show in the Knowledge Graph (e.g. Vine, Pinterest, Snapchat).

Because not every brand has these links set up on their website, Google will look for the best possible alternative – and sometimes the alternative is plain wrong. (May I remind you of what happened to Greggs back in August, when Google’s algorithm chose an “alternative” logo for them?)

So far I’ve encountered three scenarios:

  1. Right brand, right account: I searched for a brand, I got that same brand in the Knowledge Graph box, and the right links to their social accounts. This is the ideal scenario.
  2. Right brand, wrong account: I searched for a brand, I got that same brand in the Knowledge Graph box, but it was pointing to their wrong social account. A lot of brands have separate social accounts dedicated to specific functions, or even specific country. For example, I googled “Samsung”: All of the social links were different to each other, the Facebook is linked to Samsung Singapore, the LinkedIn is linked to Samsung Electronics, Twitter account is linked to samsungsupport, Instagram is linked to Samsung_company and G+ account is linked to unofficial samsung blogs. So yeah, basically, this is bizzare. (I googled “SCTV” but there was only 1 social link, and it’s Facebook of SCTV_Sports)
  3. No brand, no account: I’ve Googled a few notable brands and got no social icons in return.

Samsung dikamarmandiinSCTV dikamarmandiin

So this is a great chance to marketing your brand since this can drive organic search link to your brand account. First things first, Google your brand name right now! – what do you see?

If you notice anything wrong (or anything other than scenario #1, as outlined above), or if you’re just getting started with this, you have three options:

  • do it yourself,
  • request a fix, or
  • contact Google.

Well to do it yourself, you just simply publish markup on a page on your official website.

The second option is reporting any errors yourself (incorrect links etc.). You can request any corrections from the feedback form in the bottom right of the Knowledge Graph. Once you click on it you can select the part that is incorrect and send in your feedback to request changes. (Quick tip: get more people to submit this, so that your request moves up the priority queue with Google’s engineers.)

The third option is contacting Google: depending on where you work and the relationship you have with Google’s Account Management, you can contact them to rectify any issues with what appears in the Knowledge Graph (so this includes the Wikipedia entry, the logo and any other associated info).

This is important because I think this new change by Google will have an impact on your reach and community growth in any way! :D


Sudah mau tiga puluh tapi tetap lucu kinyis-kinyis. Kinyis-kinyisnya sudah mutlak, lucunya masih dalam tahap diusahakan.

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