I like the way you….

I’m going to the past today. Stalking some of your early year tweet’s. I know, that was a very bad habit of me. “Why do you want to be with her?” I thought this question is the logical starting point for a basic conversation between me and you.

Shyness is sometime misunderstood as attitude, similar was the case with arrogant, or stubborn were the words generally used to describe you by your girl. In reality, well at least for me, you were just an introvert. You were concerned with your own thoughts and feelings. You had friends, a lot of them, but none was too close to know you completely. For the world you seem to be a strong person but you were the only one who was well aware of your identity. Emotionally, I thought that you were craving for a strong unknown support with which you can lead your life.

And so, that’s how I summarize the answer of my question. My unanswered question. I know it’s only my minds that assuming and eating my heart inside out, but you know…

I like the way you hunger for her before,

I like the way you want her,

And I like the way you show her off from any random tweets to hide your own feeling.

But you know, thought like this started to be my misfortune as I was about to lose you, the guy I started loving. I repeatedly regretted my inability in expressing my feelings for you. I really want to be a person who yearns for your love.

But I like it, I like the way you longing her hug before,

I like the way you still hanging there for her,

I even like the way you say you don’t love her anymore, but you were there, for her.

It’s not like I don’t want to fight for you. I kept on waiting for the morning thinking about you all the time. Few remaining hours of this night was moving like years for me because I can’t wait anymore to see you. When I met you, I felt that you were equally eager to see me too. And so I was silently looking into your eyes and recalled all the conversation we had some night before. Many of your messages were flashing into my mind. But I don’t know what to think about, you know…

But I like the way I accompanying you buying her a cute mug six month ago,

I like the way you bring her and introduce her in front of your friends,

I like the way you told me how mad you were because she didn’t tell you something.

You know my eyes were wet and were full of emotions and then I hugged you for couple of minutes recapitulating all those sweet old memories we had together. Those tears were swept away by a wave of emotion. Those were electrifying moments; how I was just soaking in the blissful moment. I never tried to bottle up my emotions in words, I just snuggled up to you, opened my eyes and fixed my gaze, and you gorgeous, you hypnotizing me into kissing you.

But you know,

I like the way you want to be her superhuman,

I really like the way you told the world, how distance between you and her is killing you,

and I like the way you said that everything’s on slow motion when you miss her.

I do, I really do… And I cried….


Sudah mau tiga puluh tapi tetap lucu kinyis-kinyis. Kinyis-kinyisnya sudah mutlak, lucunya masih dalam tahap diusahakan.

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