What is your ideal date?

“What will you do on Valentine’s Day?”

It all started with this question, I shrugged my shoulders because I don’t have plan on that day. My master changes schedule with his co-worker so he will be on duty in Valentine’s Day, and it is on Friday, which means I’m coming back home if I don’t have any plan.

“So when you’re not single, how do usually spent Val’s Day? How was your perfect date?”

I laughed hard, I don’t remember has spent Valentine’s with someone before, well there is one of my ex, on Val’s day we were still in long distance relationship, he sent me home-made chocolate from Bandung to me in Jogja. I’m not a big fan of chocolate, but I still remember it taste, he put some mint inside, so the flavor wasn’t too sweet but rather refreshing, that was the best gift on Val’s day for me. And romantic too! Hey, I love good food!

This year, I’m lucky to spent a Val’s Eve with my master, actually we plan to go study in some cafe because both of us are busy preparing for graduate entrance exam. So I pick a random cafe but it turns out the cafe was not too effective to study. But the best thing is, they gave us a very great performance and a lovely food. The ambience is awesome, and I spent the night with lots of laughter because the music and the performer.

I think that sum what is a perfect date for me, good food, good laugh, good music. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift or restaurant because I really am not a romantic person, I don’t get flowers or candle light dinner as romantic, it is a good way to spent night or day together, but not what I consider as romantic.

“So, how you describe your ideal date?”

Let see, there is an imagination about it, but maybe you will found it not romantic,

I wish I am on date with a person who loves music as much as I do, and then we watch music concert together, music and crowd should be awesome, and we’re so tired because we go jumping here and there. After we go home together he asked me to rub his feet, but when I massaging his feet with some warm water and salt scrub, he pick a random book and reading a paragraph on it with his low voice, slowly. That must be sexy, and (might) be romantic (depends on the book, right!).

Or since I love to learn to cook, I wish I am on a date with a person who loves to eat anything, as in, if my cooking wasn’t so good he won’t throwing it off, but still give me suggestion on what should I do to improve it better. I was once imagining, if there is a person who has same curiosity like me, we read a home cooking recipe book and then pick a random page and decide to cook that random food. While cooking, of course I’m the one who cook, he watching and read the instruction so he can guide me through, then after that we tasting it together. It must be exciting, well at least I found it exciting. And dont forget to add a kiss from behind while cooking, girls always found that nice and intimate.

Or since I usually have trouble sleeping, I don’t mind to do nothing together. I don’t know why but sleep is the most luxurious gift, because even my master place can’t get me sleepy enough. While he’s doing anything he want, he let me sleep in his comfortable place, that’s so priceless for me.

A long walk and talk, watching movie together under blanket and cuddle, a cold beer and lots of laugh, sipping a manually brewing coffee or tea and talk about books, doing 1000 pieces puzzle together, I guess what I found romantic is a simple things which can get me carried away and forget about time. That’s an ideal date for me, though. What about you? What is your ideal date?


Sudah mau tiga puluh tapi tetap lucu kinyis-kinyis. Kinyis-kinyisnya sudah mutlak, lucunya masih dalam tahap diusahakan.

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