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No, I’m not watching the movie to celebrate my-single-status these years, and I’m not a fan of romance and relationships in film. It can be sappy and cringe me as a happy couple kiss while a cheesy pop song plays and takes us into the credits. I’m also not a fan of non-conventional love stories where the focus isn’t so much on the actual couple but rather the rules and protocols of the dating world.

Okay, basic plot: Josh (Nicholas Braun) and Alice (Dakota Johnson) are college sweethearts. They have dated 4 years exclusively and Alice decides that they need to, at least, see what it would like to be single before she and Josh commit in a bigger way. Alice sets off on her own in NYC, to explore single life, gets a job as a paralegal and comes into contact with Robin (Rebel Wilson) and happily lonesome barman, Tom (Anders Holm), who coerces her to go out on her first day of work for a night of partying, hooking up, and general debauchery. Thus begins a series of relationships in various forms of “brokenness”.

So this movie follows the life of five different types of single people: 1. Alice, the newly-single; 2. Robin, the single-by-choice party animal; 3. Meg (Alice’s sister), the single looking to start a family on her own; 4. Lucy, the single but desperately trying to find a husband and 5. Tom, the single, casual hook-up artist.

Plot is somewhat weak point of this movie, those characters aren’t tied up together, and poor writings makes this movie a cliche without purpose and climaxes. But this movie isn’t all bad, it’s funny in unique way, I laughed in several scenes and it’s a good thing. Dakota Johnson in this movie also believable as a somewhat starry-eyed young woman, searching for the meaning of self. She is immediately relatable, likable, and you are drawn into her uncertainty and disillusionment with the entire dating scene.

A comforting cast, defined style and a laughs-to-run-time ratio that surpassed my modest expectations make How to Be Single exactly what it should be: a glowing, glitzy girls’ night out served up as a cinematic winter warmer.


Sudah mau tiga puluh tapi tetap lucu kinyis-kinyis. Kinyis-kinyisnya sudah mutlak, lucunya masih dalam tahap diusahakan.

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