Review: Zootopia


I burst out laughing when I saw the first sloth trailer in theater couple weeks ago, that shit was dope as hell! I personally think the voices match their characters very well and makes me excited for this movie.

What surprises me after watching the movie is how dark this film it was and how much it covers some really mature themes like racism, corruption, prejudice, it’s like The Silence of the Lambs meets Kung Fu Panda. It’s of course different with Inside Out that really has personal effect for me.

The story is a little cliche but well executed and very solid. The movie doesn’t try to hide that the world isn’t perfect- it’s impossible for harmony to exist at all times, and people are always going to marginalize and look down on you for what they think you can and can’t do. Not only that, there are tons of jokes here aimed directly at adults, and I would argue most of them land really well. We have references to pop stars, mob movies, hit TV shows, dealing with bureaucracy, etc. that were clearly made with adults in mind.

And the character development in this film is top notch. Judy Hopps and Nicholas Wilde are not perfect, cute little creatures. They have serious character flaws. They both have their own form of prejudice stemming from childhood experiences. Despite that, they’re able to come together and become close friends in a way that’s moving and believable, but it’s not just the main characters. It seems like every named character has something interesting to offer in terms of development. Lots of good characters were making wrong decisions based on understandable but flawed reasons. The twist was refreshing enough in my opinion. During the movie, you keep guessing who the main antagonist is but by the end of the movie, it all came together.


Summary: The city of Zootopia is a modern utopia where all animals can live in harmony. When young Judy Hopps becomes the first rabbit police officer in charge of keeping that harmony, she find it tough to unravel a mystery she thinks only she can see. Frustrated Hopps must team up with con-fox Nick Wilde to solve the mystery and prove her worth despite her size.

Directors: Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush

Writers: Jared Bush, Phil Johnston


  • Ginnifer Goodwin as Officer Judy Hopps
  • Della Saba voices a young Judy
  • Jason Bateman as Nicholas P. “Nick” Wilde
  • Kath Soucie as young Nick Wilde.
  • Idris Elba as Chief Bogo
  • Jenny Slate as Bellwether
  • J.K. Simmons as Leodore Lionheart
  • Nate Torrence as Officer Benjamin Clawhauser
  • Shakira as Gazelle
  • Tommy Chong as Yax
  • Octavia Spencer as Mrs. Otterton
  • Bonnie Hunt as Bonnie Hopps
  • Don Lake as Stu Hopps
  • Alan Tudyk as Duke Weaselton
  • Mark “Rhino” Smith as Officer McHorn
  • Raymond S. Persi as Flash
  • Maurice LaMarche as Mr. Big
  • Tom Lister, Jr. as Finnick
  • Katie Lowes as Dr. Madge Honey Badger
  • Jesse Corti as Manchas
  • John DiMaggio as Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.
  • Peter Mansbridge as Peter Moosebridge
  • Leah Latham as Fru Fru
  • Kristen Bell as Priscilla,
  • Josh Dallas as Frantic Pig
  • John Lavelle as Mouse Foreman
  • Rich Moore as Doug
  • Byron Howard as Bucky Oryx-Antlerson
  • Jared Bush as Pronk Oryx-Antlerson

Rotten Tomatoes: 100%

Metacritic: 81/100

After Credits Scene?: No



Sudah mau tiga puluh tapi tetap lucu kinyis-kinyis. Kinyis-kinyisnya sudah mutlak, lucunya masih dalam tahap diusahakan.

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